Holistically Formulated Diet

To read about the Life’s Abundance Dog Food  and place an order please click on the link below. You can also read my dog food story below if you would like.


I felt it was important to share my testimony regarding dog food. Several years ago I used Nutro. A breeder friend had told me about Life’s Abundance, but I did not want to change. Finally, after about 6 months, she convinced me to try it. With all of the food recalls and not ever being sure of where the food was really coming from, I decided it was worth a try. My dogs loved it and looked awesome. In addition, we had less clean up in the yard and the smell was not as bad. I quickly realized that the dogs were utilizing the ingredients and less was wasted. With no corn, or wheat, by-products or artificial preservatives. I became a strong advocate of holistically formulated food, specifically Life’s Abundance. It is vet formulated and made fresh and delivered to your door. I fed it for a year and a half until I started to find that some folks were having a hard time affording it with the economy etc. I looked into foods that would be equivalent and came up with Canidae.

In the fall of 2008 I thought I would try something different and try to save a little money. I began feeding Canidae and referring all of my puppy families to Canidae.  In the beginning all seemed fine. Feb 2009 we added a new dog to our family. He did fine at first, but then started having problems. His stool was loose, frequent and smelled bad. He had a few bouts of vomiting as well. He would have gas that was horribly offensive  and not normal. We thought maybe he just had stomach upset from something in the yard.  Then he had a couple of peeing accidents in the house like he did not have control. He acted hungry but also like he overall did not feel good. In addition he had a few sores that were itchy on him as well. I began doing more research on the food and found that many other folks had had the same problems on Canidae http://www.consumeraffairs.com/pets/canidae.html . As I was reading, I also tied in the fact that two of my other dogs had lost weight and were itching a lot and had never had skin issues before. They also were losing their coats and it was not the time of year to be blowing a coat. I had also been noticing along the way that I had to pick up a lot more (smelly) stool in the yards. In April I decided it was time to go back on Life’s Abundance. Immediately the stomach problems and urinary problems were resolved. Within two weeks the other two had gained and skin issues were gone. No stomach issues, normal stools (and less of them), weight gain, all problems solved. My case is proven and I will never change again.

Although it may seem like a lot of money, in the long run it is not. You feed less, they are utilizing more, and you can feel good that you are feeding your dog a healthy diet that is not causing harm to his body. Commercial dog foods require that you feed them alot more, so it does not cost less to buy cheap food. You are also getting your protein source from corn and wheat instead of meat that carnivores were created to consume. Corn and wheat are just fillers that come out the other end since their bodies were not made to utilize them.

Another consideration is that marketing techniques have come up with dog foods for this and dog foods for that. When you think about it, in the wild dogs do not hunt other food for their puppies, they just eat more. So why the special food? We take the marketing for face value, and as consumers trust the pretty bag and commercials. End result…dog food companies are making millions. They even have Chihuahua food, Yorkie food, and yes…even Golden food. I have chosen to go the route of a good balanced diet for my dogs and I feel good about their health as a result.

Do your own research and make an educated choice. I just felt it was important to share my personal experience with you.